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Supra FESEM serien

The SUPRA™ series comprises the 3rd generation improved GEMINI® column, new stage concepts, intelligent hardware control panel and the new high efficiency Inlens SE detector.

Ultra high resolution over the entire voltage range


  • Voltage range down to 0,1 kV with minimal adjustments required
  • High probe current, ultra stability
  • High effiency In-lens SE detector for high contrast surface imaging
  • Enhanced VPSE detector to image non-conducting specimens
  • Ease of operation through Windows XP based SmartSEM control software 

With the SUPRA™ range Carl Zeiss SMT - Nano Technology Systems Division has brought the most versatile FESEM to the market.
Ultra high resolution with superb image quality, easy change of operating voltage, excellent probe current stability, fully analytical specimen chambers and easy operation through the Windows® XP based SmartSEM™ control software are just a few of the out-standing features of this leading edge technology range of instruments.
For applications in R&D, failure analysis or quality assurance the SUPRA™ FESEMs provide quick, reproducible and reliable results.

The wide range of SUPRA™ instruments provide comprehensive imaging solutions for demanding applications in semiconductor, materials analysis, pharmaceutical and life science applications.

The proprietary VP technology with the enhanced VPSE detector enables superb imaging and analytical results for non-conducting specimens. The unmatched imaging capabilities of the GEMINI® column. Especially below 1 kV operating voltage, the SUPRA™ makes the imaging tool for all nano-science applications.