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Gear metrology


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  • Graphic-supported input
  • CAD simulation of the measuring run
  • Active and passive sensors
  • Measurement with and without rotarytable
  • Standard-compliant, automaticevaluation
  • Application-oriented reporting

Specialist for spur gears: ZEISS GEAR PRO involute

Specialist for spur gears: ZEISS GEAR PRO involute

Gear metrology on the CMM

Narrow tolerances are the only way forgear wheels to transfer forces quietly withalmost no loss. The precision of productionand gear tooth measurement mustgo hand in hand. The GEAR PRO optionfor ZEISS CALYPSO enables gear toothmeasurements on coordinate measuringmachines. The analytical 3D gear modeland the graphic-supported input windowsmake measuring with GEAR PRO highlyeffective.

Evaluation of a worm profile with GEAR PRO worm

Evaluation of a worm profile with GEAR PRO worm

Visual inspection

Through the interaction of the softwarecore and the graphic user interface,GEAR PRO generates a CAD model of thegear from the definition of the geometry.The graphic display of the CAD modelallows you to quickly and visually checkthe input values. A standard measurementcan already be started on the basis of thegeometry definition.

User guidance

Graphic input windows and systematic guidance with each step simplify the adjustment of the measuring run to the respective measuring task. A few mouse clicks are all that is needed to define, for example, evaluation and measuring ranges, with the aid of windows and graphic visualization.

Five packages are available for typical fields of application:

  • Cylindrical gears – GEAR PRO involute
  • Bevel gears – GEAR PRO bevel
  • Worm gears – GEAR PRO worm
  • Rotors (screw compressors) – GEAR PRO rotor
  • Gear hobs – GEAR PRO hob

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