Optimize your practice.


Elevate your practice

  • High-resolution, True color images
  • ZEISS' next generation HD ultra-widefield imaging with multiple imaging modes

Improve patient care

  • Visualize pathology in the macula as well as in periphery with one system
  • Easy acquisition platform brings optics to patient for ideal patient comfort
  • Document and manage change between patient visits
  • Keep your patients engaged on their progress with an intuitive review software

Optimize office flow

  • Maintain one fundus imaging system instead of two to image all of the retina
  • Reduce footprint and increase practice efficiency
  • Familiar imaging technique to traditional fundus, reducing learning curve for technicians
  • LIVE IR preview, minimizes multiple acquisitions
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Watch a demo of how to capture an ultra-widefield image with the ZEISS CLARUS 500.

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