ZEISS not only designs and develops measuring systems for quality assurance. ZEISS also gives you the confidence of knowing you have a reliable partner at your side. Whether for software solutions, fixtures, loading systems, accessories, reporting or integration into automated production lines, ZEISS is your one-stop shop for getting the most out of your measuring and testing systems.

ZEISS ONE.STOP.SOLUTION ZEISS shopfloor measuring machine with automated feeding system
ZEISS CenterMax Solution
zeiss solution team

An interdisciplinary team of ZEISS experts takes individual components to develop a customized, comprehensive solution just for you. Joint project planning and application know-how make it possible to optimally integrate workpiece inspection into existing production processes.

zeiss solution measuring
ZEISS Inspection and Measuring System

ZEISS CenterMax can be integrated directly in the production line. With temperature stability ranging from 15° to 40° C, no climate control is necessary in the manufacturing area. Vibrations from machining centers are effectively damped. The system’s variable workpiece base makes it ideal for automated loading. The ZEISS ROTOS roughness sensor further increases the flexibility of the entire system, enabling the effective capture of size, form, position and surface parameters on one machine and all without re-fixturing.

zeiss solution engineering
ZEISS Engineering

Maximum precision and speed, combined with a fully automated pallet feed system, make this an efficient ZEISS automation solution for a harsh manufacturing environment. The ZEISS CenterMax is designed as a processing center. It ensures high rigidity with a large measuring volume of more than one cubic meter. Sensitive guideway elements are outside of the loading zone. A sensor system ensures machine and plant safety and allows for unmanned operation.

zeiss solution it integration
ZEISS Software, IT Integration and Programming

The operating station is suitable for use on the shop floor and can be positioned wherever needed. Working with gloves is no longer a problem. A touchscreen, PC, printer and all control elements are integrated. You can start measurement runs at the push of a button. Quality data management runs in the background and consists of the editable automation program FACS, the measurement program ZEISS CALYPSO, and ZEISS PiWeb for the display and assessment of results and statistical evaluations.

ZEISS Accessories and Services

The complete ZEISS accessories package comprises components that are aligned and perfectly matched. Fixtures, clamping systems, a stylus system changer rack and a fully integrated pallet feed system enable completely automated loading.