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Benefit From The Latest Upgrades

Axiocam Family

The Latest Camera Technology from ZEISS

Struggling with the FireWire port on your camera? Take the next step toward digitization and switch to the easy-to-use super-fast USB 3.0 connection. True to our motto "Simpler. More Intelligent. Integrated.," we would like to introduce you to the next generation of ZEISS Axiocams.

These cameras meet the need for easy operation and efficiency. You benefit from live images with exactly the right resolution and crisp contrast. In addition, the new ZEISS Axiocams use state-of-the-art chip technology and guarantee secure and faster data transmission.

The ZEISS Axiocam portfolio provides great replacements for your old FireWire camera: See the most frequently sold FireWire cameras and their corresponding USB-port models to facilitate your selection.

ZEISS Objectives

When your research pushes the boundaries, optical performance counts

The performance of microscope objectives determines the image quality of your microscope like no other system component. Whether you work with histological samples, cell samples, or whole organisms, different factors influence the best choice of microscope objective for your application. Benefit from the long experience of ZEISS in building world-class optics to find the objectives dedicated to your application.

The Latest from ZEN

Update Your ZEN Software and Benefit From New Features & Improvements

  • Intellesis Denoising (AI Toolkit):
    Quickly and easily denoise your microscopy images with powerful AI technology. Using Deep Learning, Intellesis improves image quality without the need for labelling or ground truth images
  • ZEN Connect (Connect Toolkit):
    ZEN Connect now provides manual 3D volume alignment with display of two volumes from all three angles and in 3D
  • Direct Processing:
    Now optimised for single 'acquisition' workstation use, or on your wider network, including new functionality: Linear Unmixing and Extended Depth of Field
  • Image Analysis (2D Toolkit) & Bio Apps:
    Image Analysis and Bio Apps are now AI-ready meaning users can get started running machine learning models straight away

Sample Holders for Your X-ray Microscope

Securely mount a broad range of sample sizes and types by choosing from a suite of sample holders designed by ZEISS

  • Support stable mechanical and thermal mounting techniques
  • Easy on/off exchange
  • Automatic presence sensing (Autoloader compatible)

ZEISS sample holders are designed with kinematic principles in mind for accurate and repeatable placement on the sample stage. Each design offers unique gripping techniques to accommodate your sample properly for imaging. In addition, the designs are proven for X-ray imaging stability. Specify whether your mount is for standard use or to be compatible with the Autoloader.

Improve Your SEM With Advanced SEM Software and Modules

  • Macro-Editor with access to over 250 instrument control functions
  • Annotation and measurement
  • Save operating conditions at any time for future recall

Your Software Solution for Electron Microscopy


Use SmartSEM to fully control all operational parameters. Choose between different operating modes for the GUI depending on your user level: full control of all operating parameters allows you to set certain levels of software control for different users. Or concise GUI developed for the occasional user with the major operating controls in one conveniently arranged control bar for ease of operation and increased productivity. Extend the functionality easily at any time with extra modules for comprehensive image acquisition, processing, analysis, and documentation.

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