Time savings and 100 % repeatability Müller Präzisionsteile GmbH relies on coordinate measuring machines and FixAssist VAST from ZEISS for their quality assurance.

The company name says it all at Müller Präzisionsteile GmbH. The company supplies high-precision special parts, also for Formula 1. Coordinate measuring machines from ZEISS ensure quality and a ZEISS FixAssist helps in the quick adjustment of the styli.

How Müller succeeds with ZEISS Solutions:
ZEISS FixAssist
  • Smooth change of the probes
  • Prevention of measuring errors
  • Settings with one hundred percent repeatability 
  • Time-saving through angle alignment device

Coordinate Measuring Machine Ensures Quality Control of High-Precision Special Parts

You would not necessarily expect to find a factory where companies such as Ferrari and BMW come and go in a continuous stream in Pyrbaum, a village of 5,500 people to the south of Nuremberg. The quality of the components, which 130 employees produce in a manufacturing facility in the middle of an inconspicuous industrial estate, is what attracts the designers of high-speed cars – and also of aircraft and nuclear power stations – to the Upper Palatinate. The company is called Müller Präzisionsteile GmbH and the name basically says it all - Präzisionsteile means precision parts in German.
Stephan Müller, son of the company founder Georg Müller, is in his element during the factory tour. There is the camshaft for Audi with two cams per valve which can be shifted, thereby giving the engine a different power characteristic. Even the layman can see that the shaft with the movable sleeves has to be manufactured with extreme precision, so that nothing jams here.

Company head Müller with one of his high-precision special parts
The company supplies high-precision special parts, also for Formula 1.
Stefan Müller, son of the company founder.
Stefan Müller, son of the company founder, is proud of the Quality Assurance Department.

Measurement record for each part

Müller is most proud of the Quality Assurance Department. It provides a complete measurement record for each part which leaves the factory. The record is stored for at least ten years, even 25 years for components for nuclear power stations. The customers would not even have the possibility to document the high precision, and they rely entirely on the records, Müller says proudly. The five coordinate measuring machines from ZEISS Industrial Metrology make a major contribution to this. They consist of a ZEISS ACCURA, a ZEISS O-INSPECT and three ZEISS PRISMO, two of which have a rotary table. The employees work in two shifts, the measuring machines often around the clock; lengthy measuring programs run at night.
Because the Quality Assurance Department cannot allow a standstill, it looked for a solution which makes changing the probes as smooth as possible and also found it with the FixAssist VAST from ZEISS Industrial Metrology.

First of all, I thought it looked like a toy, but it is very precise, easy to use and robust." 

Günther Eckstein, Head of Quality Assurance

No measuring errors when exchanging the heads

Quality inspector Michael Ehrnsberger shows how it works: clamp the plate of the stylus system and undo the screws with a hexagon wrench and adjust. The setting is then perfect and Ehrnsberger tightens up the screws again. This only takes a few minutes and provides settings with one hundred percent repeatability. You have your hands free for good measure, because the ingeniously simple machine holds the stylus securely. The procedure took a half an hour each time – valuable time during which the measuring machine was not working productively.
However, the device not only speeds up the adjustment, it also prevents measuring errors. These occur e.g. in situations where a stylus moves into a narrow gap at an angle. If the stylus sphere is not considerably larger than the shaft, it is possible that the shaft instead of the sphere will rest on the measurement object and significant deviations occur. "Anyone who frequently changes heads should buy FixAssist", recommends Günther Eckstein, head of Quality Assurance.

Changing the probes as smooth as possible with the ZEISS FixAssist.
Changing the probes as smooth as possible with the ZEISS FixAssist.
About Müller Präzisionsteile

Müller Präzisionsteile GmbH is located in Pyrbaum near Nuremberg and manufactures high-precision parts in small quantities for motor sport, nuclear power stations and the aviation industry. The predecessor company was founded as a machine distributor by Georg Müller in 1965. The company started contract manufacturing in 1977 and purchased the first CNC machine – a real innovation in those days – one year later. Müller Präzisionsteile GmbH was founded in 1985. Today the 130 employees are proficient in the complete metalworking process chain, such as turning, milling, grinding and eroding, as well as comprehensive quality assurance.