Diamonds for Engineers Diamond!Scan® from ZEISS

Diamond styli

Made from the hardest material in the world

Our ZEISS Diamond!Scan styli were especially developed for measurements on ultra-hard ceramic surfaces or extremely soft aluminum alloys. It consists of diamond - the hardest material in the world.


No material build-up

No material adheres to diamond spheres, not even with extremely soft aluminum alloys. Diamond!Scan spheres retain their high-precision form at all times, thereby preventing additional measuring uncertainties.

No wear

Diamond!Scan styli do not wear on account of their hardness when extremely hard materials such as ceramic are measured. You can rely on your measurement, because the diamond sphere retains its high-precision form and contributes to a precise measurement of the flatness of this hard workpiece surface.


Laborious checking, cleaning and re-calibration can be largely dispensed when using Diamond!Scan spheres. This saves time and cuts costs. Moreover, diamond spheres have a considerably longer service life than conventional ruby styli and can save money in the long run.

ZEISS Diamond!Scan

Our product range

Solid diamond styli

Solid diamond

For the hardest measurement tasks

Our ZEISS Diamond!Scan is a stylus with a sphere made of solid diamond. It is highly durable and does not get worn out even when exposed to hard materials. You can count on the solid diamond stylus even at single point probing with heavily concentrated load. In short: we strongly advise our solid diamond styli for the hardest measurement tasks. They are available with the diameters DK 1, DK 2 and DK 3.

Diamond-coated styli

Measurement without material build-up

Diamond-coated styli are composed of a ceramic sphere coated with diamond. They are especially suitable for scanning soft materials. This ensures that no material from the workpiece is deposited on the sphere. Another advantage is that coated styli have higher levels of roundness with less than 150 nm and are consequently more precise at a significantly lower price. These styli are available with the diameters DK 1.05; DK 2.05; DK 3.05; DK 5.05 or DK 8.05.

Diamond-coated styli
Monolithic diamond styli

Monolithic styli

Seamless styli with diamond coating

ZEISS Diamond!Scan mono is a monolithic stylus with diamond coating. This means that the sphere and stylus are produced from one piece. This solution has several advantages: They can be produced with every diameter and every technically feasible length. Moreover, there is no risk that the sphere breaks off, as the stylus is made ‘seamless’.

Solid diamond or diamond-coated styli?

The choice depends on your individual measurement task. Each of the styli has its own advantages.

Advantages of styli of solid diamond:

  • More robust with point loading
  • High wear resistance on ceramic
  • G10 roundness (<250nm)
  • For universal use

Advantages of diamond-coated styli:

  • No build-up of material when scanning aluminum
  • G5 roundness (<150nm)
  • Various diameters possible (larger)
  • Less expensive


Potential saving

If you are not sure whether the Diamond!Scan® stylus is cost-effective for you, simply take advantage of our potential savings calculator. Enter your current consumption of styli and you will immediately see whether an investment in a Diamond!Scan stylus is worthwhile.

If you would like to use Diamond!Scan styli in your own application, it's very simple to calculate the savings yourself.

Enter the price of your Diamond!Scan.
You can specify how many styli you need per month
Diamond!Scan Styli life much longer
Enter the hourly rate of the internal operating costs of your CMM.
Specify in how many layers you measure per day.
Specify how much of the time required for cleaning per layer
Cost of ruby styli per year 8.0 % 864.00 
Costs for cleaning, etc. per year 92.0 % 10000.00 
Total cost per year 10864.00 
Costs Diamond!Scan per year 1700.00 
Savings over ruby per year 81.7 % 8874.00 

Calculation example potential depends on the application down, ( additional assumptions : 50 working weeks per year, 5 days per week)

Diamond styli reduce non-productive time

Measuring tip

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