Capture 3D point clouds in-line

ZEISS AIMax cloud

Chromatic white light sensors of ZEISS DotScan enable the non-contact capture of workpiece topography

Optical 3D sensor for in-line measurements

The ZEISS AIMax cloud optical 3D sensor is the new benchmark in robot-based 3D in-line metrology in the fields of sheet metal processing and car body construction. The sensor generates 3D point clouds directly at the production line and measures complex features with high precision in a fraction of a second.

Optical 3D sensor for fast 100% measurements in cycle time

Measurements of parts that were previously difficult to analyze, such as rivets, nuts behind sheet metal and characteristic design lines can now be conducted easily and quickly with ZEISS AIMax cloud. The measurement setup is fast and intuitive, and the result is visualized immediately after the measurement.

Examples of features: (1) Bending edge, (2) rivet, (3) surface point, (4) T pin

Capture and evaluate complex features - with only one measurement

Possible applications include the inspection of assembly and welding processes, gap-and-flush measurements in body shell construction and final assembly in the automotive industry. By capturing dense point clouds, the ZEISS AIMax cloud offers the possibility of measuring multiple features, and particularly those that have previously been difficult to analyze, such as bending edges, rivets, surfaces points and T pins, with just a single capture. The sensor can therefore be used very flexibly.

Measuring results quickly and reliably

The optimized projection technology and the high 3D resolution enable fast, exact measurements, even of tiny features on both sheet metal and paint. The feature extraction in the point cloud is more robust than in conventional image processing, is faster to set up and and more user-friendly to operate.

3D point cloud and measuring result
After the selection of the feature to be measured in the 2D image, the system generates the 3D point cloud, and the measuring result is immediately visualized.

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