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ZEISS Integration Series

ZEISS Integration Series integrates your quality assurance, optimizes your processes and thus increases your productivity by selecting the right loading system or the ideal integration and automation solution for your CMM. The broad spectrum of ZEISS Integration Series solutions ranges from manual loading systems with ergonomic advantages to fully automated cells that increase the throughput of your quality assurance by maximizing machine utilization. ZEISS offers these products as standard solutions or as individual projects that are perfectly adapted to your processes and can be used in the measuring room as well as directly in the production environment.

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All benefits at a glance

Maximum machine utilization

Optimized loading avoids downtimes during setup and ensures maximum utilization of your measuring equipment.

Optimized processes

Shorter operating times and walking distances combined with flexible solutions guarantee optimized processes.

Standard products or custom solutions

All solutions are available as standard products and are ready for immediate use or can be adapted to your needs.

Ease of use

Significantly improved workpiece handling thanks to simple and intuitive operation - even by untrained operators.

Ergonomics & safety

Intelligent loading systems guarantee maximum safety and ergonomics when handling workpieces.

One partner for the complete solution

Complete solutions with holistic project support from a single source: from inquiry and handover to service support.

ZEISS Integration Series


The software solutions of the ZEISS Integration Series enable the hassle-free automation of CMMs and peripherals, as well as the control of fully automated cells or the starting of complex individual measurements. The intuitive interfaces ensure that all applications can be used even by untrained operators.

Automation Interface

The ZEISS Automation Interface allows you to easily automate your measuring device without any engineering effort. In addition to starting inspection plans and providing feedback on measurement results or machine status, the application allows you to control CMM peripherals. The interface is also preconfigured for all products in the ZEISS Integration Series. For example, the control of automatic fixtures or the pallet feed can be configured effortlessly with just a few clicks. Individual fixtures developed by you can also be controlled via configuration.

Easy automation of the CMM periphery

  • Standardized communication interfaces: OPC UA, Profinet, EthernetIP
  • User administration allows plant operators, measuring technicians, setters or service to see exactly what they need
  • Can be used in both automatic and manual mode even by untrained operators
  • Simple configuration by click and directly via the user interface, without complex PLC programming
  • Efficient commissioning with low project risks and low costs


If your requirements go beyond the standardized Automation Interface, the Flexible Automation & Connectivity System (FACS) is the right software solution for you. FACS allows you to automate recurring quality assurance procedures in complex processes: programmed and customized for your needs.

The individual software solution for complex tasks

  • Automated startup from single measurements to complex pallet measurements
  • Coordinator with I4.0 connectivity for individual automation sequences
  • Networking of multiple CMMs in automated applications
  • Automatic part identification with 1D/2D scanner or RFID system
  • Intuitive user interface for untrained operators
  • User management with automatic user recognition
  • Tested in medical technology according to FDA specifications

ZEISS Integration Series


The operating products from ZEISS Integration Series allow you to integrate your quality assurance and its data where it is needed, without any detours. Measuring close to production allows for quick quality statements and direct countermeasures. The quality assurance system is adapted to the production environment and the measurement data is recorded centrally. This makes it possible to regulate adverse conditions such as temperature fluctuations or to integrate manual measurement results into automated processes.


With ZEISS PiWeb, the GageStation combines measurement data from handheld measuring devices with CMM measurement data and visualizes them in a comprehensible manner via touch screens and measurement report templates. The GageStation requires little space and offers protection from environmental influences in the production environment that can falsify measurement results.

Consolidation of all quality data in one report

  • Data acquisition independent of measuring equipment
  • Centralized data handling
  • Protection against environmental influences

Compatible with ZEISS DuraMax and ZEISS Optical Series.


The ThermoStation shields measurement processes from very high temperature fluctuations and harsh conditions in the production environment. CMMs such as ZEISS CONTURA can be used where they are needed - and are guaranteed to deliver accurate measurement results.

Tightly enclosed housing to protect the CMM from environmental influences

  • Small footprint compared to conventional measuring rooms
  • Installation directly where quality assurance is to take place
  • Integrated pallet feeding system for ergonomic loading

Compatible with ZEISS CONTURA

ZEISS Integration Series


The feeding and loading systems from ZEISS can be used in the measuring room as well as at-line and in-line. They are compatible with various CMMs according to your needs; fully automated systems are also available on request. ZEISS loading solutions optimize your part flow and operating times and maximize the safety of your employees.

Pallet feed

Optimizing the measuring process


  • Repeatable workpiece positioning
  • Sensory position detection prevents collisions

Manual shuttle station

Fast manual exchange of pre-set pallets


  • Optimized CMM utilization
  • Measurement with different measuring fixtures on one CMM
  • Optimized ergonomics

Automated shuttle station

Automatic workpiece exchange


  • Optimized operator use
  • No downtime, hence maximum CMM utilization
  • Optimized footprint: can be placed lengthwise or crosswise to the CMM

Setup table & pallet transport cart

Remote setup of workpieces


  • Simplified part handling for heavy, large or hard-to-reach workpieces
  • Loading of multiple CMMs with measuring fixtures
Rotating setup station

Rotating setup station

Fast exchange of 2 pallets


  • Minimal footprint
  • Improved ergonomics and accessibility
  • Optimized CMM utilization
Duplex system

Duplex system

Setup during the measurement process


  • Optimized CMM utilization
  • High throughput of workpieces
Sliding table

ZEISS MultiLoad

Loading of multiple CMMs in the middle of production


  • Maximum throughput, minimum manpower
  • Vertical storage towers for small footprint
  • Modularly expandable and suitable for diverse components
Sliding table

Manual translation stage

Setup of workpieces outside the measuring volume


  • Improved ergonomics
  • Easy accessibility of the workpiece

ROI calculator

Calculate the ROI for your new feeding and loading system online to get important key figures such as cost/part and break-even point right away - tailored to your individual requirements.

ZEISS Integration Series


ZEISS Integration Series offers customized solutions that are tailored to your requirements. This allows for made-toorder optimization of your processes, even for complex tasks.

Flexible use of measuring cells

By positioning CMMs and robots on the same platform, the automated measuring cell can be flexibly placed in production and loaded manually or automatically.

Communication interface for robot integration

Individually configured interfaces according to your needs enable communication between quality assurance and automation technology in production.

ZEISS SurfMax: Surface defect detection

The breakthrough quality assurance solution for reliable high-speed optical defect detection: a combination of deflectometry-based, high-resolution optical sensors from ZEISS and machine learning.

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Combination of different measuring technologies

Here as an example: optical component inspection combined with tactile absolute measuring in one protocol – including automatic loading of the station.

BOSELLO OMNIA robotic cell

The robust 2D X-ray system reliably and quickly inspects castings of medium to large size as well as low and medium density. Integrated into a robotic cell, BOSELLO OMNIA helps you achieve high throughput directly in your production line, around the clock.

EDM industry solutions

Manual or fully automated outsourcing of CMM measurements increases productivity by saving valuable time that would otherwise be lost to the EDM machine.

More information

Driverless transport system (DTS)

The automated and driverless transport system between production and measuring room enables a flexible production with optimal and systematic utilization of quality assurance and production machinery.

Temperature-protected sample inspection

Even CMMs that are not suitable for production environments by design can be installed in a controlled environment, for example to perform at-line sample inspections.

100% in-line measurements

The direct integration of the CMM into the line enables an efficient 100% inspection. The workpieces on the conveyor belt pass directly through the measuring volume. This eliminates the need for time-consuming workpiece handling, as well as detecting errors
directly and preventing rejects.

Quality assurance directly in your production

Early troubleshooting becomes possible thanks to timely quality statements directly at the point of production. The combination of production-ready CMMs and matching loading systems can be perfectly tailored to your needs.

ZEISS Car Body Solutions

The remote-controlled, mobile honeycomb plate CARFIT eMOBEE efficiently transports components and sustainably simplifies loading processes. With horizontal arm measuring devices from ZEISS, configurations can be adapted to your car body production.

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Data flow integration

Targeted handling of big data starting from data visualizations of measurement results, machine states etc, up to employee-related information – exactly where it is needed.

Measuring room with direct connection to production

ZEISS supports you as a total quality assurance provider and partner planning and setting up your production-related measuring room or provides you with a complete and customized measuring room.

ZEISS MultiLoad

Automated measuring cells allow your measuring processes to run during unmanned shifts. The pallet storage can be loaded and measuring tasks can be executed systematically.

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