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International metrology basics as live online or classroom training

The international multi-level metrology basics training, AUKOM in production measurement technology, offers comprehensive knowledge of coordinate measuring machines as well as the evaluation of measurement results. The courses for basic metrology training build up level by level in succession. Graduates receive a globally recognized AUKOM certificate after successfully passing the final examination. ZEISS is a certified partner and provider for AUKOM training and offers the seminars as live online trainings or classroom trainings in over 60 ZEISS Quality Excellence Centers worldwide.

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The highlights of the AUKOM training at ZEISS:
  • Guarantee: No matter which level of AUKOM training you have chosen, it is completely vendor-neutral as well as certified. At the same time, it complies with the global industry standard.
  • Versatility: AUKOM training includes comprehensive training in all areas of coordinate measuring technology.
  • Standardization: In our AUKOM training courses, you will learn the manufacturer-independent approach to solving measurement tasks.
  • Competence: AUKOM training is demand-oriented, but always imparts manufacturer-independent basic knowledge and measurement competence.

On our overview page you will find the complete range of metrology training courses offered by ZEISS.

AUKOM training content

Our international metrology basics training is based on AUKOM (Ausbildung Koordinatenmesstechnik e. V.), a German association with the aim of providing cross-manufacturer training in production measurement technology. AUKOM e. V. promotes solid, basic and comprehensive training in the field of coordinate measuring technology. Although AUKOM leads back to a German association, the training standard is not limited to Germany. The association ensures that the level as well as the comparability of the AUKOM trainings and courses offered by the partners is guaranteed worldwide. We are pleased to be a certified partner of the association and to offer seminars on AUKOM Level 1, 2 and 3 as well as GD&T. At the end of each AUKOM training course you will receive a recognized certificate after a successful examination. Become an AUKOM metrologist with ZEISS!

What is special about AUKOM trainings?
  • Global training standards enable internationally comparable and reproducible measurement results.
  • All AUKOM training courses are completely device and manufacturer neutral.
  • At the end of each seminar, participants receive a globally recognized AUKOM certificate.
  • AUKOM training is suitable for different knowledge levels – whether you are experienced or a beginner, there is a training for everyone.

AUKOM Level 1

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The AUKOM level 1 course provides basic knowledge in production measurement technology for beginners and advanced metrologists. The training focuses on dimensional tolerancing, programming basics, measurement sequence planning and an introduction to sensor and machine technology. With level 1 of AUKOM training, metrologists can reduce measurement uncertainties and ensure that their measurement results are reliable and comparable.

AUKOM Level 2

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In the seminar for AUKOM level 2, participants learn basic production measurement technology knowledge for advanced metrologists. The course focuses on form and position tolerancing, inspection plan interpretation, programming and monitoring as well as the use of suitable sensor and machine technology. The deeper understanding enables the metrologist to further reduce measurement uncertainties and make even more reliable measurements.


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A worksheet for the AUKOM GD&T seminar, on which a component lies.

The AUKOM GD&T seminar is aimed at advanced metrology engineers and design engineers. The focus is on in-depth knowledge of form and position tolerances according to ISO-GPS and ASME as well as the innovations of the respective standards. Like all AUKOM training courses, this seminar also complies with the worldwide qualification standard. Employees from design, development and production engineering will gain an insight into the subject of form and position tolerances from the point of view of the metrologist who has to implement the drawing specifications metrologically. In this way, misunderstandings and the potential loss of time can be prevented.

The contents of the AUKOM GD&T seminar include:
  • Basics of the ISO-GPS and ASME systems
  • Function, specification, verification terms
  • Linear dimensions and tolerances
  • Angular dimensions and tolerances
  • Datum reference systems
  • Directional, positional and run-out tolerances
  • Profile tolerances
  • Independency principle
  • Envelope requirement
  • Maximum material requirement
  • Least material requirement
  • Reciprocity requirement
  • Verification
  • Tables

AUKOM Level 3

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The target group of the AUKOM level 3 expert seminar are experienced metrologists. The seminar instructors impart production measurement technology knowledge with a focus on function and production-oriented measurement, filtering, program creation as well as computed tomography, quality and measuring room management. After this course of the AUKOM training, the experienced metrologist is able to communicate confidently across departments. The metrologist brings measurement uncertainties to a minimum while ensuring reliable and comparable results. In addition, the metrologist is also aware of the reduction of costs and rejects.

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Would you like to become an expert in coordinate measuring technology?

Then our AUKOM training courses are just right for you!

How to become an AUKOM metrologist

There are many ways to use a coordinate measuring machine for measuring tasks. None is wrong, but standardization can avoid errors and uncertainties. Therefore, the main goal of the AUKOM training is the worldwide comparability of measurement results. In the AUKOM training, the metrologists learn elementary metrological terminology. This puts them in a position to communicate clearly and technically correctly how a measurement result was produced – no matter which department in which company they are talking to. Through their expertise, AUKOM metrologists contribute to fewer measurement deviations and help reduce error costs. This strengthens the company's image and partnership with other companies, resulting in fewer complaints or recalls.

The training to become an AUKOM metrologist is modular and combines teaching contents from the AUKOM training courses Level 1, 2 as well as GD&T. After completion of all seminars and a successful examination, the participant receives the AUKOM metrologist certificate, which is valid for five years.  

AUKOM metrologist training procedure and course plan.
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AUKOM update training and AUKOM metrologist certificate

Change and further development also affect coordinate measuring technology. Our training content adapts to these changes too. This AUKOM seminar offers – without having to take an exam – an overview of the essential changes in the field of coordinate measuring technology in recent years. Get to know new technologies, standards and helpful tips. Keep your knowledge up to date and make sure your processes are always efficient.

Participants of the two- or three-day seminar learn new content regarding:

  • Latest standard definitions of size, shape and position according to ISO 1101, 14405, etc.
  • Product and manufacturing information (PMI)
  • Communication
  • Sensor technology
  • Creation of measurement strategies

The AUKOM seminar is primarily aimed at metrologists who have attended the AUKOM training courses on Level 2 and GD&T or Level 3 before 2020. After successful participation in the update course, you will also receive the AUKOM metrologist certificate.  

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Would you like to learn more about our international metrology basics training?

You can find the detailed course descriptions, dates and available slots in the ZEISS Metrology Portal ( Are you interested in AUKOM training courses, but still need more information or have questions about the offer? Then write us an e-mail at zeissacademymetrology .global @groups .zeiss .com.

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